Death is not the end - YOU are!

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and it's time for some good intentions. As the Supreme Judge of All Souls, discern the souls of the good from those of the not-so-good, letting the first ascend to Heaven while tossing the latter in the fiery pits of eternal damnation. Of course, those pesky damned souls are trying to ascend to Heaven too, so it's up to you and your trusted Judgement Beam (TM) to stop them! And if in the process a few good souls end up into the fire too... well... can't make an omelette without condemning some eggs to eternal frying.

"I once said that it's better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven... but with this game, I get the best of both worlds! 10/10 would play again." - Lucifer

Use your mouse to point the Judgement Beam (TM), and click to fire. Push the damned souls off the sides, and let the good ones reach the top. The percentages show how many of the souls that reached Heaven are good, and how many of the souls that have fallen into Hell are bad. Try to do better than a coin toss, will ya?

A game made for #trijam 49. Additional challenges:

- made with Godot Engine

- all assets made by myself 

- it's an arcade game, I guess?


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"Death is not the end - YOU are!"

Great interpretation of the theme! Love that.

I love how you shoot a heavenly death laser from your eyes while chill-ly sitting in your chair.

Best Trolly Tom: Angel of Death sim I've played thus-far.


Love the art! I felt morally ambivalent about frying about equal parts angelic and demonic souls, but I guess a coin toss is just my style.